223 美元/天起


We are not offering anymore the boats that belongs to ARIDIVE company from 1st November,
this company is the owner of the liveaboards PRATIWI, LALUNIA, SINAR PAGI, ARI JAYA.
This company is not professional neither trustable anymore, they have no consideration about what is customer obligations
toward any diving travel agency.
On 1st September 2019, we had 4 person on a private basis trip for 4 nights, they had a mechanical issue with their boat and without informing us
decided to put OUR guest to any vulgar boat that we do not work with, they took this decision without telling us nothing.
Our guest have been really bad took care off and decided that they couldn’t stay on this boat chosen by ARIDIVE,
at first they told them they could be reimburse but they didn’t do it, put pressure on the guest and say “stay on board or if you leave, you’ll have no refund”.
This is a really bad behaviour, unprofessional and without no respect of the guest and us “travel agency” advising their boat for our guest.
They just don’t give a damn, take the money and leave the guest dry, without trip and no compensation.
So be aware while booking any of this boat, a really bad end can happen to you and your friend.